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Brandon's entire musical score for The Current is available to stream on the Soundtracks page. The podcast is still available on iTunes for free, and be sure to subscribe to Earbud Theater.


The best-selling book series by Bruce Coville is now a movie from Universal.  Stream on Netflix, Vudu or get it On-Demand. Check out the DVD for special features including interviews with the actors and filmmakers and behind the scenes featurettes.

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The movie contains over 80 minutes of music. Brandon explains, "I wanted to do something orchestral and exciting for this score...The themes are connected a lot harmonically, so they’re really able to weave in and out of each other."



Announcing the release of Brandon Moore's score for ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK. The digital soundtrack is now available through Back Lot Music and for download on iTunes and Amazon

Run time: 69 min


1. Rod’s Adventure Begins
2. Arrival of the Ferkel
3. Captain Grakker and Madame Pong
4. Seldom Seen
5. Family
6. Mickey’s Ingredient X
7. Elspeth Trusted
8. The Galactic Patrol’s Mission
9. Grakker’s Adventure on the Floor
10. True Connection
11. Aliens Ate My Homework
12. Mickey’s Ingredient Y
13. Bike Ride in the Snow
14. Becker’s Lair
15. Ferkel to the Rescue
16. House Hunting
17. The Countdown
18. Escape from the Backpack
19. Indoor Air Battle
20. Weapons of Volcanic Destruction
21. Farewell Starship Ferkel
22. Rod Allbright and the Galactic Patrol


The online magazine dedicated only to the music of film and soundtracks, Film Score Monthly Online, interviewed Brandon for its February 2018 issue. He chatted with Kristen Romanelli for the article titled, Aliens Ate His Film Score, where they discussed the musical influences and crafting behind Brandon's latest score for ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK. 

The official soundtrack release date is March 2, 2018 from Back Lot Music. The movie is available on DVD and digital March 6.


Sci-Fi acting legend William Shatner introduces's exclusive first look of ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK from Universal Picture Home Entertainment.

ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK is the film adaptation of book 1 in the beloved Rod Allbright and the Galactic Patrol book series by Bruce Coville. The one and only William Shatner lends his voice talents to an alien named Phillogenous Esk Piemondum, aka Phil.


The galactic patrol lands MARCH 6, 2018 on DVD and digital streaming!





BLACK AND WHITE NIGHTS is a new web series with a supernatural film noir tinge.  Brandon has begun writing music for the episode Something Else which is written by Adam P. Cray.  This will mark the second collaboration between Brandon and Adam (director of SAFE DISTANCE, the short film) with a tentative release date in January. 


Beloved actor William Shatner teased his part in the upcoming movie ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK based on the best selling book series by Bruce Coville.

No clips of the movie are available yet but the musical score is finished. Shatner describes a little of what we can expect from this galactic family adventure.


The movie has a DVD & Digital release date in early 2018. So keep following William Shatner for more updates!  Also follow on Twitter (@AliensAteMyHW), Instagram (@aliensatemyhomeworkmovie), Facebook, and #AAMH

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The full 4 and a half minute short film, SAFE DISTANCE, is available to watch on YouTube for free!

Synopsis: Kavanagh (Adam P. Cray) has worked the last few years side by side with New England's most dangerous hitman Angel (Jonathan Hart). Angel has discovered Kavanagh's secret and now they're both in the cold woods alone. No living soul for miles. No more bullets in Kavanagh's pistol. 


Writer/Director Adam P. Cray has partnered with New Bedford producer Lance Gunberg for this short thriller featuring Jonathan Hart of Providence, Rhode Island. The short was produced in four hours in December of 2016 in the woods of Westport, Massachusetts. The music score was composed by Brandon Moore of Los Angeles, California.

"You're a cop. You're a traitor. I know where your family lives."


The scores for Street Runners and Safe Distance are complete, and the two projects are in the final stages of post production.

The web series, Street Runners, will stream online, and the short film, Safe Distance, will be ready for viewing on New Bedford, MA cable access in the coming months.


Brandon will soon be collaborating again with writer/director Kent Bernhard on a new action short film which is in post production now. 

Kent Bernhard's thoughts on working with Brandon: 

"Brandon Moore recognizes that the score is a character in your film, every bit as important as your actors and your lighting. He takes great care to set the tone and fit the mood of each moment of composition expressing truest essence of feeling in each scene." 

THE BIGFOOT HUNTERS Screenings and Awards!

Recently THE BIGFOOT HUNTERS has been screening and picking up some awards. The short film has been accepted to Best Shorts Festival. Recently the film received an Award of Merit from The Indie Fest Film Awards.

There is a chance to catch a screening at the LA International Underground Film Festival where the film will be in Block 4 on December 7th, starting at 6:15PM-7:45PM. Get tickets here:

TOY MASTERS Sneak Preview!

Catch a sneak preview of TOY MASTERS at Chicago Filmmakers next week! 

Co-presented with the Chicago Cinema Society, Chicago Filmmakers will be screening the first sneak preview of TOY MASTERS, a documentary that takes a retro look inside Mattel's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe world, cartoon, and the key players involved with creating Mattel's highly successful toy line.

When: Saturday, August 16, 2014

Time: 8:00pm

Where: 5243 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640

Tickets and information found at