Announcing the release of Brandon Moore's score for ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK. The digital soundtrack is now available through Back Lot Music and for download on iTunes and Amazon

Run time: 69 min


1. Rod’s Adventure Begins
2. Arrival of the Ferkel
3. Captain Grakker and Madame Pong
4. Seldom Seen
5. Family
6. Mickey’s Ingredient X
7. Elspeth Trusted
8. The Galactic Patrol’s Mission
9. Grakker’s Adventure on the Floor
10. True Connection
11. Aliens Ate My Homework
12. Mickey’s Ingredient Y
13. Bike Ride in the Snow
14. Becker’s Lair
15. Ferkel to the Rescue
16. House Hunting
17. The Countdown
18. Escape from the Backpack
19. Indoor Air Battle
20. Weapons of Volcanic Destruction
21. Farewell Starship Ferkel
22. Rod Allbright and the Galactic Patrol