OUR URBAN WILDERNESS, a new mockumentary with original music by me, will be playing at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival on Sunday, August 18th, NOON, at the Vancouver Library, 901 C Street, Vancouver, Washington. The music was originally composed for a radio play, also directed by Johnny Winningham, but now has found a permanent home in this funny new film. I'm excited the music will finally be heard at last.


In good news, my score to The Table turned out to be a finalist at the Park City Film Music Festival. I want to thank Leslie Harlow and the team at PCFMF for making me feel welcomed and putting on another great festival. 9 years! I hope to make it to the 10th next year.

PCFMF Egyptian Marquee.jpg

The winners of the Park City Film Music Festival's Documentary Category:

First Place for Best Impact of Music in a Documentary: Composer Joel Douek for "Flying Monsters 3D"

Finalists in this category were the following films: 

RAY BRADBURY 1920-2012

Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury

I wanted to post my appreciation and memory of Ray Bradbury today on news of his passing. I'll never forget when I was asked to write music for a short film the summer of 2000. I had just made a permanent move to Los Angeles, and being fresh out of school, I advertised myself as a composer looking to collaborate with filmmakers. I was fortunate to meet my director friend Roger Lay who presented me with his short film called Homecoming. It was based on Bradbury's short story "The Lake" from his bookThe October CountryHomecoming became the first of three films based on Bradbury's great writing that Roger and I collaborated on and that I had the pleasure of writing music for. We collaborated on these quality stories within the first few years of living in Hollywood which was exciting and gave us a lot of encouragement. The second film I worked on was A Piece of Wood, a short from Long After Midnight. It was shot on 35mm, our first indie short and a bit longer (it was a perfect Twilight Zone or Amazing Stories type of project). The latest (and hopefully not the last) was Chrysalis, a short story from his book S is for Space, where we were able to get a music budget and make a feature length version of Bradbury's work for the first time. DuringChrysalis Roger worked closely with the man himself, adapting his story into a screenplay. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Bradbury a couple of times. In fact, I'll never forget the time I attended a stage production of Fahrenheit 451 in Pasadena with him sitting directly in front of me in the audience. What impressed me the most was how each ending of a Ray Bradbury story was so inspiring and stayed in your mind long after reading or watching it unfold. Thank you Mr. Bradbury for the inspiration. We will miss you.



Deceit is a noir short written and directed by Phil Abatecola hitting the festival circuit soon.  Brandon completed the score for the movie back in April.

In the affluence and extravagance of Hollywood, a California detective confronts a mysterious jewel thief that he's been trailing for years.  But is he really there to serve justice or for something else?... Obsession, paranoia, and duplicity abounds.  At every turn our detective stumbles along unaware of the trick his long-time nemesis has in store for him.

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"Unexpectedly Inspiring"

Search My Trash reviewer Mike Haberfelner gave "The Table" a very good review stating, "The Table is a touching portrayal of the other side of Hollywood."

Read the full review at Search My Trash.

produced by 
Ana Barredo, Phil Bishop, Roger Lay jr, Mark Scott Zicree for Grand Fenwick Productions, Urban Archipelago.
directed by Ana Barredo.
starring Mark Scott Zicree, Elaine Zicree, James Troesh, Mark Haynes, James Metropole, Armin Shimerman, Neil Johnson, Guillermo del Toro, and more.
music by Brandon Moore.


The Table Wins Award

Brandon's latest feature won "Best Documentary" at the SoCal Film Festival in Huntington Beach, CA. Congratulations to director Ana Barredo and everyone involved.

The film has now been dedicated to Jim Troesh, an actor/ writer featured in the documentary who passed away last month.  His story and contribution to film & television will be remembered.


The Table Trailer

Watch the trailer for the new documentary, "The Table," featuring music by Brandon Moore. 

The Table is about group of tenacious individuals who meet every week to discuss their strategies on breaking into the exclusive club known as Hollywood.