Brandon recently wrote a piece for 8 trombones titled “Firethorn.”

The octet is one of eight pieces composed by eight Texas composers for the Red River Trombones, a group consisting of trombone professors from eight universities in Texas and Oklahoma, for their new series titled “8x8x8.”

Bass trombonist Dennis Bubert, professor at UTA, asked Brandon to contribute a new composition for the program. "‘Firethorn’ shows Brandon's deep affinity for the trombone, which he continues to play,” Bubert says.

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The Red River Trombones are attending the 2019 International Trombone Festival in Muncie, Indiana and takes place this July 10-13 at Ball State University. The “8x8x8” performance is at 1:30pm at Sursa Performance Hall on Friday July 12th.

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THE YEAR I DID NOTHING is an award winning drama! IFS has officially announced that the winner for the 2019 Best Drama Feature Film goes to THE YEAR I DID NOTHING (directed by Ana Barredo) and is also nominated for the 2019 IFS Best Picture award.

Everyone involved with the movie is grateful and proud of this achievement and are very excited for new audiences to see this film!

Be sure to check out the IFS Film Festival next month!! Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 4:00 PM -Friday, May 24, 2019 at 11:00 PM (PDT).



The film review blog the Movie Critic Next Door takes a meaningful look at THE YEAR I DID NOTHING…

The film does a masterful job of blending the larger picture with the daily lives of one family that is both ordinary and unforgettable, trying to move ahead with their plans while still being loyal to the country of their birth during this crisis. Despite some very young actors carrying much of the movie, the performances are realistic and charming, with the interplay among the siblings particularly well done. And there’s also a good sense of place, creating a vivid portrait of Manila in the eighties as well as three kids facing a huge upheaval in their lives. Writer / director Ana Barredo shows us that a year of doing nothing can sometimes lead to some very big events indeed.

-Movie Critic Next Door

Read the full article here.


The off-beat film review website (re)Search my Trash recently interviewed THE YEAR I DID NOTHING director Ana Barredo.

(re)Search my Trash’s Mike Haberfelner asks about the movie which is loosely based on Barredo’s own childhood and chats about directing, the cast of kids, and disguising Los Angeles to look like 1980s Philippines.

See THE YEAR I DID NOTHING at multiple festivals this summer. The world premiere will be at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival in May and at the San Diego Filipino Cinema Perspective Showcase on May 25 and June 1 . 


The UK Film Review, a film reviews website based in London, England, gave THE YEAR I DID NOTHING a 4-star review…

The Year I Did Nothing is funny, charming and insightful in its depiction of the political history of the Philippines in 1985-6. This coming of age story is successful in intertwining important political milestones in a country’s history while documenting a family’s year while they await their own momentous change.”

-Hannah Sayer, UK Film Review

Read the full article here.


She awakens in the back of a car driven by a mysterious hooded figure. She asks where they’re going and The Driver doesn’t answer. When she tries getting out, the doors are locked. The Driver hits the gas and suddenly speed towards a busy intersection…

Somewhere Else Poster.jpg

SOMEWHERE ELSE is directed by Joe Shugart from an original screenplay by Adam P. Cray who also performs in the short thriller. Rachel Kathryn Frittz brings heartfelt performance as “The Passenger”.

SOMEWHERE ELSE features an original score by Brandon Moore. Brandon has previously collaborated with Adam P. Cray on his short thriller SAFE DISTANCE as well as the upcoming FROM THE WINDOW.

SOMEWHERE ELSE also features the digital effects artistry of Adam Lima, who has worked on visual effects for such titles as THE BOURNE LEGACY and BRIDESMAIDS.

Watch the movie in its entirety…


Post-production has started for FROM THE WINDOW, the next short film by director Adam P. Cray. Brandon and Adam’s last collaboration, SAFE DISTANCE, resulted in a 5 minute experimental score. We can look forward to another interesting sound scape coming up.


The new year is already busy in terms of new film projects in production with one feature film score completed and more coming up later in the year.

First up is the feature film THE YEAR I DID NOTHING for director Ana Barredo. The film takes place in 1985 Manila and follows young siblings who creatively kill time together waiting for their US immigration to slowly process and their homeland readies to revolt against its most famous dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.


Frequent collaborator Roger Lay Jr. also has a few projects in production, one of which is a short film titled ALMA’S POND. The short is based on a tale written by acclaimed children’s author Bruce Coville and stars some familiar faces from Brandon and Roger’s previous collaboration ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK.

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Brandon Moore’s music for Earbud Theater’s episode The Current has been nominated for the 2018 Audio Verse Awards.

Voting your favorite to the finalist round is open and free to the public. Click here to vote by November 10th.

Four music cues are nominated in both of the following categories:

Original Compositions for Productions


Original Compositions for Dramatic Productions -

Carly’s Sacrifice by Brandon Moore for The Current (Earbud Theater), which is a self-contained, long-form, large cast, dramatic production
Don’t Let Go! by Brandon Moore for The Current (Earbud Theater), which is a self-contained, long-form, large cast, dramatic production
The Current (Main Title) by Brandon Moore for The Current (Earbud Theater), which is a self-contained, long-form, large cast, dramatic production
The Sinking of the Warlock by Brandon Moore for The Current (Earbud Theater), which is a self-contained, long-form, large cast, dramatic production


Now you can stream numerous tracks from Brandon’s various horror scores (and sub-genres of horror-comedy, aquatic-horror, slasher, macabre, gothic, science fiction fantasy) on SoundCloud. Enjoy!


ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK gets a blu-ray release from Universal Studios. Out September 4th!


Featuring the voice talent of William Shatner. Directed by Sean McNamara. Written by Garfield & Judith Reeves-Stevens. Music composed by Brandon Moore. 90 min. Rated PG.


Podcast listeners from all over the world shared their reviews of Earbud Theater's aquatic horror audio drama, The Current, on Twitter. Here are a few...



Brandon's entire musical score for The Current is available to stream on the Soundtracks page. The podcast is still available on iTunes for free, and be sure to subscribe to Earbud Theater.